This web site is dedicated to the memory of Ralph Blackburn G3PYR, who not only taught me CW, but also instilled in me a love of Top Band operating, for that I will always be grateful, and is the reason why I hold the amateur call sign G4PYR.


With the sharing of the 160m (1810-2000 kHz)  & 80m (3500-3800 kHz) bands between stations in the Coastal Radio Service and the Amateur Radio Service lot's of radio amateurs have over the years developed an interest in the Maritime & Coastal Radio Service.
Many of the Medium Frequency Maritime Coastal Radio stations around the world have closed down,
with some countries like the United Kingdom having no commercial Coastal Radio stations still operational.

United Kingdom & Ireland Coastal Radio Station Information.
United Kingdom
Coastal Stations
Channel Islands
Coastal Stations
UK Coastguard Broadcast Times
Irish Coast Guard Broadcast Times
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Coast Guard
Closed Down Top Band Coastal Stations
U.K. Coastal Stations
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Current U.K. & Irish Coastal Radio Stations
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MMSI Numbers
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Coastal Frequency & Channel Lists.
M.F. Frequency List.
V.H.F. Maritime Channels.
British & Irish V.H.F. Public Marine Channel List.
World Wide Coastal Stations.
Adelaide Radio "VIA"
Adelaide Radio
The Conversion Story
Athinai Radio "SVA"
Bar Radio "YUW"
Now "4OB"
Bern Radio "HEB"
Blaavand Radio "OXB"
Brisbane Radio "VIB"
Chatham Radio "WCC"
Darwin Radio "VID"
Djibouti Radio "J2A"
Fort-De-France Martinique
Genova Radio "ICB"
Godhavn Radio "OZM"
Gotenburg Radio "SAG"
Greenland Coastal Stations
Halifax Coast Guard Radio "VCS"
Indian Coast Guard
Kiel Radio "DAO"
Kootwijk Radio "PCH"
Melbourne Radio "VIM"
Mobile Marine Radio "WLO"
New Zealand Maritime Operations Centre
Norddeich Radio "DAN"
Olinda Radio "PPO"
Oostende Radio "OST"
Oostende Radio "OST" September 2006
Oostende Radio frequency list
Rockhampton Radio "VIR"
Roma Radio "IAR"
Rugby Radio
Sambenedetto Radio "IQP"
From Domenico Caselli I6HWD
San Francisco Radio "KPH"
Scheveningen Radio "PCH"
Shanghai Radio "XSG"
Slidell Radio "WNU"
Stockholm Radio "SDJ"
Stockholm Radio "SDJ" 500kHz Closedown
St. Johns Coast Guard Radio "VON"
Tjome Radio "LGT"
Townsville Radio "VIT"
Walvis Bay Radio "V5W"
Dutch Coast Guard
Aerial Systems
Spuds Spot.
Maritime Memories by Spurgeon G. "Spud" Roscoe VE1BC.
Description of the Radio Officer duties in M.V. ROSCOE.
The Largest Apple Cargo Out of Port Williams, Nova Scotia.
The 2005 Halifax Coast Guard Radio Reunion.
More of Spuds tales can be found on his web site at www.ve1bc.com
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