Slidell Radio Callsign "WNU"
463 & 478 KHz


Slidell Radio, (now part of the Globe Network) used to provide a communications service covering the Western Hemisphere on frequencies between 463 & 22458 KHz from transmitters at Slidell and receivers at Pearl River.

With traffic lists every 2 hours and marine weather forecasts twice a day.

The following information and photographs were sent to me by Shirl J. Prewitt W0TUT the first 4 are taken from slides .

My thanks also to David J. Ring Jr N1EA for additional information.

The rest are from a Brochure around 1982 and are © TRT Telecommunications Corporation (Globe Wireless)

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Stan Levy in TERMINAL & MULTIPLEX room with newly installed solid state equipment to right. (Marine room was behind the glass at the back.

TERMINAL & MULTIPLEX ROOM. Stan Levy (receiving station chief radio technician). Equipment used to feed Morse and HF teletype circuits to the transmitters in Slidell via landline and UHF microwave link. They also had RTTY circuits to Havana Cuba, and Bogata Columbia.

Note: National HRO-500 receivers in the racks to the left.

MARINE ROOM (Pearl River, Louisiana receiving station 1971).

Radiotelegraph operator Fred Busha standing the 4 PM to Mid watch on 500 KHz and HF frequencies.

Note: To his right a RCA CR91 (An RCA AR88 with low frequency added) receiver (used on 500 KHz) Drake R4B receivers with National HRO-500 (above) and Technical material GPR-90 to his far left. Freds right hand is on a toggle switch which turns on the "QSX de WNU" wheel.

TELETYPE ROOM (Pearl River 1971) with Supervisor Jerry Flanagan at his desk.

Pearl River receive site. Tower with UHF dish which links to Slidell transmitters in the background.

The yellow antennas are known as Hermes loops, they are a phased array of high directivity and gain, and were used on 500KHz to zero in on ships in the static filled Gulf of Mexico.

Transmitter room at Slidell.

Radiotelegraph operating position JRC & National HRO-500 Receivers.

The operator is Mr. Jan Edwards W5EV

The operating frequencies of WNU in the early 1980's


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