Adelaide Radio "VIA"
MF Frequencies 472-500-512 kHz

Adelaide Radio "VIA" opened at Rosewater near Port Adelaide on 1st October 1912. The station moved to McLaren Vale 35 km south of the City of Adelaide on 29th March 1963.

The station closed down finally on 31st January 1993.

Yvonne and Harro Krause VK5YK & VK5HK gained ownership of the station and 66 acres of antennas on 1st April 1993.

The club callsign VK5CRS (Coastal Radio Station) was allocated at the same time.

VK5CRS is operational every Sunday afternoon local time by friends and club members of the South Coast Amateur Radio Club and sometimes interstate and overseas visitors as well.

The photographs below were sent me by Harro VK5HK

Click on each one for a larger version.

View of the antenna farm from the operating window
Operating position (Former VIA console No.2) showing computer controlled TX/RX Kachina 505 DSP
Tower No.7 with 20m monobander
The K4EWG monoband Yagi at sunset
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The History of Adelaide Radio Click HERE to download in Word2000 format Written by Paddy Wilkinson

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