Godhavn Radio "OZM"

The following pictures have been sent to me by Finn Illum Jørgensen

OZM was closed apx. 1976 and the trafic taken over by Aasiaat Radio c/s OYR.

The station kept watch day and night on 500 kcs and 2182 kcs . The transmitting frqs. were 420 kcs and 2210 kcs.

Finn writes

Remember at that time telephone calls were not possible between towns in Greenland and posting a letter from most of the towns in Greenland was only possible by helicopter once a week and some times due to the weather cond. and the darkness once a month from November until April/May next year. 

The station also made weather synopsis every tree hours day and night. 

Today the building is the Tourist Office.

Station Operating Positions
    Typewriter Room    
The Station in Summer   The Station in Winter
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