Greenland Coastal Stations
Current & Closed

My thanks to Rolf Marschner DL9CM for sending me some of the photographs and information

All images are © Palle Hansen OX3BV or other employees/ex-employees of the stations featured

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   Uummannaq Radio Callsign OYJ Qaqortoq Radio Callsign OXF  
Aasiaat Radio Callsign OYR  
Ammassalik Radio Callsign OZL
    Danmarkshavn Radio Callsign OXQ
Prince Christians Sund Radio Callsign OZN   
Daneborg Radio Callsign OYY    Sisimiut Radio Callsign OYS

Godthaab/Nuuk Radio OXI

This station was located on the second floor in the middle building.

Sukkertoppen Radio OYH

Christianshaab Radio OZC

Demolished, only the view is left!!!

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