Athinai Radio "SVA"
was open for 88 years.

SVA closed down it's MF/HF radio telegraphy as well as MF radio telephony

on July 1st 1998

On the same day 3 more MF stations closed down they were:-

Heraklion Radio SVH

Kerkyra Radio SVK

Lemnos Radio SVL

Greece now has just one Coastal Radio station Olympia Radio SVO. This station offers VHF, HF radio telephone and HF Sitor services.
The station is remotely controlled from Athens

Please click on each image for a larger version.

My thanks to Yiorgos (George) SV1NA for giving me permission to use these photographs.

SV1NA sadly passed away on Friday 2nd April 2004

Shift on 500 kHz Main receiver JRC with 2 spare Canadian Marconi crystal receivers.
500 kHz operating position.
HF Sitor console (8-12-16-22 MHz)
HF R/T operating position Eddystone receiver, Litton terminal & phone patch
HF R/T operating position Reception with 2 receivers (Diverse reception)
MF R/T position Racal RX and Litton terminal unit
HF CW Shift in 1972
The following four photographs are © Dimitrios Gritsopoulos (SV1AYE)
HF CW (searching frequency in 8 MHz)Taken around 1982
none HF R/T (16MHz) Taken around 1977
Dimitris Gritsopoulos (SV1AYE) operating the HF radiotelephone terminal
Makis Mataras (standing) taken around 1980
sva05 Dimitrios Gritsopoulos (foreground, seated) operating the Tfc List buoy (QRU?) with Vasilatos Christos standing next supporting the rotating buoy. On the backround Odysseus Mpampladimos. Photo taken circa 1980.
Athinai Radio "SVA" 500kHz Closdown
These pictures were sent me by Albert Dennis Dawson SV1HX
SV1HX Albert Dennis Dawson
Last message by “Hellas Radio” operator P. Prasinos surrounded by the three of us (from left to right) SV1HX SV1WZ SV1IUT
SVA “Hellas Radio” operator P. Prasinos sending the last message
JRC receiver
The last handwritten message

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