M.F. Coastal Radio Links Page.

Coastal Radio Stations. 
Malin Head Coast Guard Radio Excellent site with nice pictures.
Portishead Radio All the history of this famous Coastel Station
Stockholm Radio Sweden's only commercial MF Coastal Service
Australian Coastal Radio Excellent site by Peter Hewitson VK4QC
Kootwijk Radio (PCH) An excellent site in Dutch well worth a visit.
Norwegian Coastal Radio The Official Telenor site for Norwegian Coastal Radio.
Madrid Radio "EHY" Site in Spanish.
Bern Radio "HEB" The Official site for Bern Radio.
Jan-Mayen Radio "LMJ" Jan Mayen Land, Norway.
Ruegen Radio Excellent site showing lots of information about the station.
Maritime Sound Files Excellent German site with recording so of many stations.

United Kingdom Coastguard & Lifeboats.
United Kingdom Coastguard The Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
Humber Lifeboat Excellent site for the Spurn Lifeboat, well worth a visit.

Government Sites. 
UKHO Admiralty Charts & Publications The place to find the weekly updates to the ALRS publication.

Maritime History. 
Maritime Radio Historical Society.
Maritime Radio History Morse code By David Ring Jnr. N1EA with some excellent sound files and links.
Royal Canadian Navy Communications in the Royal Canadian Navy.
Hi-Fix-Hyperfix A web site dedicated to the MF Survey Positioning Systems of Decca and Racal-Decca.
Inland Marine Radio Archive Collecting, preserving and presenting the history of radio's use on the Great Lakes and Mississippi River system.
London & Overseas Freighters History Web site about the London & Overseas Freighters Company.
WB0JNR Maritime Radio Personal site from Roger J. Wendell WB0JNR.
Spud Roscoe VE1BC The personal pages of Spud Roscoe VE1BC With Canadian Maritime History Pages
“Point to Point, A History of International Telecommunications During the Radio Years” By Paul Hawkins.
A History of Maritime Communications. What happened and when!!

Commercial sites. 
Maritime Injury Center Website for information on Maritime Injuries.

Radio DX & Information sites.
Virtual Museum of Radio Communications by
Rainer Brannolte.

AIS sites.
Liverpool AIS AIS Information from the Liverpool & Irish Sea Areas.

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