Melbourne Radio Callsign "VIM"
opened on 8th February 1912.

The station closed down finally on 30th June 2002.

The photographs below were sent me by Glenn Dunstan VK4DU and are his copyright

Please click on each one for a larger version.

This shows a long shot of the VIM operator's console, with the transmitter room in the background (The transmitters can be seen through the glass partition).
This shows the right hand side of the console - the transmitter control panel is on the right hand end, with the tunable Rhode & Schwartz working receivers in the centre. The speakers along the top are for fixed watchkeeping receivers on 2181-4125-6215-8291-12290-16420 kHz radiotelephone distress and safety channels.
A close up view of the working receivers. Note the operator log book on the desk.
ATS-1 radiotelephone transmitters. Six of these units were used. They were a hybrid design (Solid state pre-driver stage, valve driver and PA).
MF CW Transmitters. VIM had 2 MF CW (actually MCW) transmitters - the P5J emergency unit- 500 watts (LH side), and the venerable CTM2K main transmitter 2kW out, although it was cranked back to 1kW to save on PA valve replacement.
The station receivers. The spot receivers in the 3rd rack bay were Codan 7004 units. Being permanently tuned to a specific channel, they had/have excellent stability and sensitivity. Collins receivers above.
The "Flying saucer" Biconical monopole transmit antenna. It was transferred to Melbourne Radio from Hobart radio when Hobart closed. Not often used, because it caused interference to the station receivers - It was sited too close to the main station building. A very complex antenna to rig, and quite dangerous - A rigger was injured during installation.
A Short Video of Melbourne Radio

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