Stockholm Radio Callsign "SDJ"

Stockholm Radio is the sole commercial coastal radio station in Sweden operating on MF from five transmitter and receiver locations around the coast. Karlskrona Radio (SAA) & Tingstade Radio (SAE) are both Naval coastal radio stations.

"All of the general purpose MF Telephony/DSC transmitters are Standard Radio SST490 0.8 kW solid-state SSB/ISB types feeding vertical resonant radiators"

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Map showing the location of the MF sites of Stockholm Radio SM6CSB at the hut containing the new Navtex transmitter at Grimeton
The 127m high antenna tower used as a shunt fed radiator for Navtex at Grimeton. Two smiling Telia Mobile engineers (Harald Lofhede SM6CSB & Bertil Bertilsson) after installing the new solid-state MF transmitters at the Grimeton site in August 1999
The entrance to the now decommissioned Vallda transmitter site near Gothenburg Interior view of the Vallda transmitting site in the final days before clearing out.
The gates to the Vallda site are closed for the last time. Interior view of the equipment room at Stavanäs MF receiving site Receivers for 2182KHz and traffic channels on the left, and for 2187.5 & 500KHz to the right.
Exterior view of the transmitter building and one of the towers at the Bjuroklubb site, which is the northernmost MF transmitter in the network. Interior view of the Harnosand transmitter site taken during the commissioning of the new MF transmitters. Senior radio maintainer Lars Oberg at the left.
Allgon log-periodic antenna at Stavsnas RX site used for diplomatic HF communications Exterior view of the receiver site at Stavsnas, built in 1947. Primary use of building is now for conferences
Another view of the receiver site at Stavsnas Exterior view of the transmitter building at Stavsnas, built in 1937
Main MF transmitting tower at Stavsnas built in 1937, height 82mtrs. It is used as a resonant radiator for 2182 & 1674 KHZ Main Stavsnas tower from a different angle.
The two towers at the Stavsnas site, the tall 82m radiator and a 50m support tower for the NAVTEX antenna Overall view of the MF telegraphy and NAVTEX transmitters. With Wilcox Electric 96-200D transmitters front, and Nautel in the back. Gosta Jansson (Now with Swedish Foreign Office) at right.
The two Standard Radio (2182 & 1674 KHZ) solid state PA's during commissioning tests Close-up of the PA in the Wilcox transmitter using push-pull Eimac 450TH's in operation
Close-up of the Nautel MF transmitters in use for Navtex Radio Engineers Jan-Erik Holm SM2EKM & Tom Andersson SM2DJK In front of the Nautel Navtex Transmitters at the Bjuroklubb site
Radio Engineer Soren Wallen SM2DLA In front of a pair of Standard Radio SST490 MF Telephony and DSC Transmitters Bjuroklubb Tower Vertical radiator used for 2182KHz with the tuning hut at the base
Bjuroklubb Tower Vertical radiator used for 518 KHz with the tuning unit mounted on the building wall Overall view of the Gislovshammar TX site. The brick building at the left is not part of the radio station, but a sewage pump facility... A broadband vertical antenna for 2182/2187.5/1797 kHz can be seen with the Baltic Sea in the background
Supports for the NAVTEX antenna. Small white object in center is the tuning unit Interior view of the site with the dual Nautel NAVTEX transmitters at center and Drake RR-1 local monitoring receiver to the left.
Local visitor and former Standard Radio engineer Sven-Olof Heed/SM7GFD in front of the MF transmitter racks. Exterior view of the Sandhammaren receiver building, directly adjacent to the wrought-iron lighthouse built in 1882 and still in use
The lighthouse (antenna support) at Sandhammaren from another angle. Close-up of the MF receivers at .Sandhammaren. Nordic cooperation in practice, receivers from Sweden (Standard Radio), Denmark (Skanti) and Norway in the same rack...
The Stockholm Radio QSL Card


My thanks to Karl-Arne Markstrom SM0AOM for the photographs and station information. The photographs are all (c) Karl-Arne unless otherwise indicated.

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