Walvis Bay Radio is located 13Km in land from the coast. It provides both a coastal radio service and Inland communications as well.
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These pictures were sent to me by Hein Bertram V51EK and should not be used elsewhere without permission.
The antenna that was used for the 500KHz MF CW service The operating position for the Inland Radio Service taken at nightThe person shown is called Birty who retired from the station in June 2003
The Duneside site John Shelley, Supervisor of the Maritime Radio Services
The Top Loaded MF Antenna The operating hall 1958 to 1973
External shot of the building taken in 2001 Aerial shot of the present station
Quadrant Antennas Radio Direct dialing operating position using Codan Radios
R/T operating position with Andreas Shapaka, who is the newest and youngest member of the station team. The tallest Antenna Mast, it used to be twice as high until the top section was lost in a gale.All masts at the station are of wooden construction.
View from the gate The equipment room
The watch receivers    
The following pictures were sent to me by Glenn Dunstan and are his © they should not be used elsewhere without permission.
Walvis Bay Radio transmit station Walvis Bay Radio - Transmitter Hall
Marconi and Codan Transmitters The 2182 kHz tx - all 4 kW of it
500 kHz tx'ers - now used for NAVTEX on 518 kHz The original 500 kHz antenna coupler - still in pristine condition
Operator console Tx antenna switching matrix
Operations room - note the 1970's era light fixtures.
The station is in first class condition.
MF antenna for NAVTEX
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