Oostende Radio Callsigns "OST & OSU"
September 2006
Text & Pictures © by Michel Bougard, Pre retired Radio Officer, GMDSS GOC, Aircraft ROC
The first radio maritime station installed on the European continent in December 1900 at De Panne, near the French border.
The station made communication with mailing boats Ostend - Dover.
Het eerste kuststation 1902-1914:
The first coast station 1902 - 1914 of Belgium at Nieuwpoort installed in the building of the pilotage near the River Yser..
Sending station of Middelkerke in 1975 and 2006.
Richting: Direction Oostende (Ostend) Nieuwpoort (Newport) and Westende.
Westende is incorporated in the municipality of Middelkerke since 1977

Here the layout of the sending antennas at Middelkerke of Oostende radio.
Getulde pyloon : Re inforced mast.
Zelfdragend: Self supporting.
Dipool: Dipole.
Kabin: Cabin.
Kooi : Cage.
Parabool: Parabolic.
TG: Telegraph antenna (Now used for NAVTEX on 518 kHz.).
Toegangsweg: Acces way.
Z : Zender: Transmitter.
Above: Dr Hector Verhaeghelaan. ( Dr Hector Verhaegen lane)
Below: Duinenweg: (Road of the Dunes).
It is the oldest road of Flanders made on the protected side of the dunes.
On the map, there is an error because the antenna between the masts 2 and 6 is not for Z11.
The TX11 radiotelephone linear amplifier GEC-MARCONI 10 kW P.E P. Of Middelkerke sending station of the medium and short wave
(1.6 à 28 MHz) Reuse 2 antenna.
The TX10 and TX11 Frequency generators 
GEC-MARCONI Exciter for SSB radiotelephone
at Middelkerke sending station.
Antenne Besturing : Antenna Matching
The TX10 and TX11 Antenna Matching Unit 
of the SSB radiotelephone at the
Middelkerke sending station on medium
and short wave (1,6 - 28 MHz.)
Reuse 1 and 2 antennas.
Control apparatuses for transmitters in Middelkerke.      
Fron above to below:
- Spectrum analyser d'Anritsu.
- Tracking generator d'Anritsu
- Transmitter Modulator analyser.
The Antenna switch MATRIX of the sending station of Middelkerke.
It is used for the switching of transmitters with the antennas.
It is a typical equipment of a radio coast station in medium and short wave .
The TX14 transmitter GEC-Marconi of 1 kW P.E.P of. 
Dipole 1 antenna of Middelkerke for DSC.
The TX15 transmitter GEC-MARCONI of 1 kW P.E.P. Of Dipole 2 antenna of Middelkerke for DSC.
The Z60 transmitter SAIT 1 kW of Middelkerke for NAVTEX transmission.
The Z61 transmitter SAIT 1kW of Middelkerke 
sending station for NAVTEX transmission.
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