Oostende Radio Callsigns "OST & OSU"
September 2006
Text & Pictures © Michel Bougard, Pre retired Radio Officer, GMDSS GOC, Aircraft ROC
The Z41 transceiver VHF2 of K27(Channel 27) MOTOROLA MSR2000 of Middelkerke sending station
Linear amplifier TX1O GEC-MARCONI of 10 kW P.E P. Of antenna Reuse 1 used for radiotelephone in medium and short wave (1.6 à 28 MHz)  of the sending station of Middelkerke.
Zendbuis: Transmission tubeType: 4CX15000A 
Anode: Supply of anode: 8500V 2A
Gloiedraad: Supply of heating: 6,3 V 160A.
The transmission tube is of a reduced model in order to win a maximum volume, but in case of blower breakdown, the tube melts in a few seconds !
Display window of the exposition in the sending station of Oostenderadio in Middelkerke on the September 24th 2006 showing various transmission tubes, cables and antennas components.
In the centre, from left to right, various ceramic transmission tubes.
Remote control of the sending station transmitters in Middelkerke and the operator consoles of Oostenderadio.
 Laboratory of the sending station in Middelkerke
 Laboratory of the sending station in Middelkerke
 Electrical emergency supply generator of 300 KVA by a Cummins motor group and a French alternator of the sending station in Middelkerke.
 Electrical emergency supply generator building of the sending station in Middelkerke.
 Entrance of the sending station main building in Middelkerke.
Sending station main building in Middelkerke
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