Halifax Coast Guard Radio Callsign "VCS"

The Canadian Navy had a large married quarters just across the approach to the A. Murray McKay bridge from the present Shannon Hill station. The official name was Shannon Park after the frigate HMS SHANNON.

His Majesty's Frigate SHANNON, Captain Philip Broke, Royal Navy fought and captured the United States Frigate CHESAPEAKE, Captain James Lawrence, United States Navy off Boston, Massachusetts on Tuesday, June 1st, 1813. HMS SHANNON escorted USS CHESAPEAKE into Halifax, Nova Scotia. Captain Lawrence was wounded and died before arrival at Halifax. As Captain Lawrence was carried below he made the statement "Don't Give Up the Ship!" and this statement has become part of the tradition of the United States Navy. That is where the name comes from.    Spurgeon G. "Spud" Roscoe VE1BC

The following pictures show the building of the Halifax Coast Guard Radio (VCS) & Halifax Traffic (VBJ20). My thanks to Bill Marchant who took the photographs for his permission to use them.

If you ever wondered just what went into building a coast guard station, now is your chance to find out. Here is the building of Shannon Hill...............

In the beginning Fall 1983 Nearby Water Tower
The Engineers Georges Island Radar and Microwave
Evaluating a display What the Radar Saw
Getting Started December 1983 The Stakeout.
Breaking Ground View from the building site February 1984
The footings 18th February 1984 Foundations 25th February 1984
Foundations The right of way for power 4th April 1984
The South Wall Electricity arriving 7th April 1984
A view from the South   15th April 1984 Interior Walls
Insulation on the outside Fuel tank & Septic tank     28th April 1984
Transformer Pad Brick on the North wall
Steel floor Ops. room level 5th May 1984 First floor up, from the parking lot 12th May 1984
Second floor going up    26th May 1984 The ops. room roof
Seen from the road Bridge from the Ops. room
Tarring the roof 16th June 1984 Building the back fence
Trench to the disposal field The equipment room 20th July 1984
The Operations room The diesel room
The communications tower going up Cable tray to the communications tower
The classroom Main entrance 7th October 1984
The DND water tower is felled Ops. room floor layout
Equipment Room 5th February 1985 Norcontrol displays in position
The kitchen Georges Island, New electronics building
We have a sign!!! Radar Tower 3rd July 1985
Microwave Dish Radar over the building
Chebucto Head Towers Chebucto Head Building
Chebucto Head as it was 3rd January 1986 Demolishing the old Ops. room
Forms for the new foundation Old Operations room gone!
The new covers the old....         
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