Stonehaven Radio Callsign "GND"
1856 & 1946 KHz
Stonehaven Radio "GND" closed 30th June 2000.
At the end of service the station also controlled the following Coastal Stations
Wick Radio, Lands End Radio, Portpatrick Radio & Humber Radio.

These pictures were taken by Neil Robertson GM8EUG and should not be used elsewhere without permission.

The pictures below were taken by and are ©Vernon Clark GM3WSR in September 2004
The pictures below were taken by and are ©Tony Clarke G4EUL in 1982/1983
This shows the dedicated 'Barge' position which maintained 24hr
channels for offshore oil industry.
This is looking over the top of the 500KHZ watch position to one of the working positions with operator seated.
This is the Landline point showing incoming and outgoing Telex machines with pigeon holes in background where dockets for W/T messages and R/T contacts were kept for accounting purposes.
500Khz 24Hr watch position showing 500Khz logbook and morse key.
Emergency generator.
Consol for Hebrides, Skye and Lewis Radios. These were remotely controlled from GND back in 1982 and this dedicated consol was like a separate coast station in itself.
Bank of Ajax  MF R/T transmitters. 2182Khz and the working frequencies.
View from operating room across the fields to the open sea.
The operating room in the days when it was used as such. To the right is the kitchen, and just right of the kitchen and off the picture is the rest room.
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