Portpatrick Radio Callsign "GPK"
1883 KHz
The BT Coastal Station Portpatrick Radio closed 30th June 2000. At the time of it's closure
it was remotely controlled from Stonehaven Radio.
It's 500 KHz CW service had closed on 31st December 1997.
Portpatrick Radio was located on the South West Coast of Scotland. With it's signal on 1883 KHz it was heard all over the United Kingdom and beyond.
The following six pictures are all (c) Alan Bond and were taken in September 2000 3 months after the station closed
The following three pictures are all (c) Niel Robertson GM8EUG, and should not be used elsewhere without permission.
These photographs were taken March 2003
The following two pictures were taken by (c) David G4DMP (Ex G3KEP) the Black & White was taken in 1954 when David sat his Morse test at Portpatrick
and the colour one was taken 10 years later in 1964
I found the following 6 pictures in my collection and I have lost the details of who sent them,
so if you were the sender please contact me and we can give due credit for the pictures.
The old photo below is in the Mablethorpe Library archive. It is part of a bequest by Brian Roffey, whose father was an original Operator at Grimsby Radio and moved to Trusthorpe when it opened in 1927. The date must be very close to the original opening -
The quality if not good I am afraid. The Library will only allow you to photocopy on site and it is not a brilliant one !
It was kindly sent by David Hopcroft who was the last manager at Humber Radio
A short video of Portpatrick Radio
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