Jersey Radio - Now Jersey Coastguard Callsign "GUD"
MMSI 002320060

Jersey Radio now provides just a VHF service, it's 2MHz SSB service closed in 2004

The following pictures are © Larry Bennett and should not be used elsewhere without his permission

These pictures were taken in May 1992, when the station was located in an old WW2 German tower at Corbière in the SW tip of the island.

It moved in 2004 from its fourth home in a German-built wartime observation tower at Corbière on the SW tip of Jersey to the harbour office in St. Helier, within site of its three earlier positions.

The station opened in a cupboard in Jersey’s old (St. Helier) harbour office, moved up to the ramparts of Fort Regent overlooking St. Helier harbour (where I remember it first in the 1960’s) then to an office on the end of St. Helier Harbour’s Victoria Pier in the late 1960’s. Corbière was its fourth location, the new harbour office in Maritime House being its fifth home.


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