Humber Radio Callsign "GKZ"
The BT Coastal Station Humber Radio closed 30th June 2000.
Humber Radio was located on the East Coast of England just south of the town of Mablethorpe.
These early pictures were kindly sent by David Hopcroft.
Humber Radio 1927
Humber Radio Trusthorpe December 1927.
flood damage
charlie anderson
Charlie Anderson surveying the flooded Operating Room in 1953 .
Operator Charlie Anderson taken in 1936
He later became Officer In Charge
the rest
The Main Transmitter 1927
R/T Transmitter
The first filled to Coastal Stations
The Main Operating Position
These first nine pictures below of the buildings and masts were taken on 20th May 2001 almost a year after closure.
At this time the land and buildings were up for sale.
The first nine pictures are all © Robert Maskill G4PYR and should not be used elsewhere without permission.
The Humber Radio Station sign
Main station building taken from the road
The masts at Humber Radio
Station buildings
View of one of the masts
Station building
The station from across the main road to Mablethorpe
Station buildings and masts
View of the station from the sea wall
The following pictures are © David Hopcroft and should not be used elsewhere without permission.
The old operating room taken in the late 1970's
Computerisation taking control Top are the processors and operating position below
View of the old transmitters
View of the old transmitters
The lowering of one of the antenna masts
Shot of the Ops room taken in the early 1980's
Humber Radio Site October 2006 , boarded up and awaiting redevelopment.
© David Hopcroft
The Ops Room
1st April 1952
The Ops Room
April 1969
This sign dates from opening in 1927 and was superceeded by the 'big yellow thing' mid '80's
The Single Frequency Ajax Transmitters feeding the filter which allowed all three transmitter to use a wideband aerial.
What replaced the 'Humans' The computer controllers.
The operating room in 1994
Click HERE to download (In PDF format) the Humber Radio story by David Hopcroft the last manager of the station,
my thanks to him for permission to reproduce the story on this website
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