Anglesey Radio Callsign "GLV"
410, 447, 1715, 1911, 1925 & 2810 kHz
Closed 19th December 1986
Anglesy Radio was operational from 1960 to 1986
operating on both MF & VHF channels.
It closed at 1200z on 19th December 1986
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The above photograph is © Simon Parsons G4NZG
Operating desk in the early 1970's
sent to me by Peter Harper-Roberts ex G4CDV
Click HERE for a brief recording of Anglesey radio on CW. sent by Finbar EI0CF
Finbar says "The original recording was made at Aberdeen Technical College, using a Marconi Marine "Atlanta" receiver and a 30 foot whip antenna, in 1981. The idea of the recording was to give the prospective new Marine Radio Officers training with the "real" sound of 500 khz. Unfortunetly the recording quality is poor. It was recorded during daylight hours. It was noticed that
a weak signal from AngleseyRadio/GLV was present, calling a ship. Using Cool Edit Pro, the signal was filtered and boosted, about 9db. Considering the signal from GLV was coming across a bit of Wales, the north of England and across Scotland to a 30 foot bit of wire, no wonder the signal was weak."

The Obituary of IVOR THOMSON
First Officer in Charge at Anglesey Radio

There seems to not be much information available on Anglesey Radio,
if you have any photographs or information on the station then I would love to hear from you.
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