Halifax Coast Guard Radio Reunion
On May 20th, 2005 a reunion of the Halifax Coast Guard Radio VCS staff was held at China Town, a restaurant on the edge of Bedford Basin.
Message from Spud:- Jim Christian VE1ASR did an excellent job of organizing a family reunion at China Town on Bedford Basin
Left to right: Gordon Stoodley VE1VCS, Reg Fagan, Brian Murphy,
Spud Roscoe VE1BC, Dave MacKinnon VE1ALO and Al Simpson
Left to right: Kevin Layden, Bob Minty, Spud Roscoe, Ruth Cairnes and
Stan Cairnes.
Left to right: Kevin Layden and Bob Minty
Left to right: Paul du Mesnil, Bill Hall and Phil Jennex. The lady is Karen Skinner.
Left to right: Penny Palmer, Mitali Das and Marie MacKinnon
Left to right:  Joan Roscoe, Florence Minty and Linda Layden
Left to right: Al Simpson, Stan Cairnes, Betty Semple, Ruth Cairnes, Sam
Semple VE1YVN, Bob Minty, Florence Minty, Brian Murphy, Kevin Layden,
Linda Layden, Spud Roscoe VE1BC, Joan Roscoe, Betty Stoodley and Gord
Stoodley VE1VCS.
Spud Roscoe and Darrell Skinner
Brian Murphy taking pictures.
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