Forth Coastguard


Forth Coastguard covers a sea area of approx. 2500 Square Nautical Miles and a coastline of approx. 344 Miles.

Operational Area Doonies Point (Grid Sheet 45 904909) to English/Scottish Border (Grid Sheet 75 980756)


Montrose - Doonies Point to East Haven

St Andrews - East Haven to Seafield

Granton - Seafield to Aberlady Bay

Eyemouth - Aberlady Bay to England/Scotland Border.

The following photographs were taken by, and are © Geoff Nr Belfast and should not be used elsewhere without his permission.

Geoff would like to thank Forth Coastguard for their warm welcome and for making his visit most enjoyable.

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Station name Plaque Fife Ness Light Main Operating Console
External view of the station Second Console operator at work External side view of station
The pictures below are © Keith Elgin (GI7SOB)
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